6 step Work Process

6 step work Process,Complete Residential and Commercial Solutions

Our 6 step work Process,Complete Residential and Commercial Solutions utilizing a proven process flow between the designer and client. We take each project from initial vision through implementation to final flourishes.

  •  The Initial Consultation – Meet, Brainstorm & Agree
  • Concept & Design – Integrating Your Vision through Design
  • Execution & Implementation –  Workflow
  • Construction– Construction
  •  Project Management  – Oversee Collaboration
  •  Project Handover –  Bringing it All Together
  •  Follow up & Evaluation – Walk through

Initial Consultation

6 step work process-Initial Consultation

Preliminary client meeting is the most important step of our professional relationship.

We meet face-to-face to discuss project goals, design requirements, priorities, budget, schedule and fee structure.We work with your vision and develop a comprehensive plan that is time and budget sensitive. Technical and regulatory needs are addressed in the beginning of the design process to avoid surprises leading to expensive delays and setbacks.


Concept & Design

6 step work process-Concept & Design

Space planning ensures you get the most out of every square foot of space!

Before creating a new office design or renovating your current workplace, you need to know where your furniture will go and how exactly you will be utilizing your space.Compass works with your team to determine the organization your office needs. Then our experts work to create and execute a customized space plan including 3D interior renderings. The designer takes initial field measurements, photographs and documents specific needs and requirements the client has for his/her project. The designer then begins preliminary space plans and two-dimensional design concept studies and sketches integrating the client’s needs.


Execution & Implementation

6 step work process-Execution and implementation

COMPASS offers Complete Residential and Commercial Interior Design Service Solutions utilizing a proven design process.

Construction is handled by our skilled professionals, whether we proceed in-house or choose to sub-contract. We keep up-to-date on the newest technology and industry standards in order to expedite and improve on the construction process.Finally, we take it upon ourselves to keep you updated on construction progress during each step of the operation. Communication is key to assure you’re never in the dark about how your design goals are actualizing during the building phase.


Project Management

6 step work process-Project Management

You can be sure that we’ll stick to our word, and complete your project on time and on budget.

When you work with us, rest assured that we’ll take care of the project management aspects of the construction. It’s our job to make sure everything is completed according to the design plans we laid out during the consultation phase.

COMPASS Interiors’ project management service encompasses every step of the often-complicated process involved in design, construction and renovation. We listen to your needs and manage the project from the first meeting right through to the final product.Keeping our clients’ projects on budget and delivered in a timely fashion is top priority. We make sure every step of the often-complicated process involved in design, construction and renovation.


Project Handover

6 step work process-Project Handover

At Compass, we take deadlines very seriously.so that your organisation faces minimal disruption and can take occupation on the agreed date.

Once handover is completed, our client relations team provides a single point of contact for all final issues. The settling in period provides time for you to identify any further items that need resolving, and we stay with you throughout this phase to ensure that the space is working for you the way you want it to.

On completion of the project, the Project team hands over operating and maintenance manuals, a Precise Performance Management Plan and practical completion certificates.


Follow up & Evaluation

6 step work process-Follow up & Evaluation

Our dedication to you does not end when the contract finishes – COMPASS helps with on-going maintenance and support as required.

During the project, we conduct frequent job walk-throughs to develop punch list for items that need to be resolved pre & post occupancy. We also follow-up in 6 months and 1 year after move-in assuring there is high client satisfaction.