Process- Consultation

Initial Consultation for Office Interiors and Fit outINITIAL CONSULTATION

Our team’s passion is found in patterning your interior design from your unique needs. A feasibility study in discussing your company’s needs is the first step a critical part of the design process. When discussing your office interior design, we’ll ask you many questions about your vision for the space. We’ll need to know all about your company – your image, brand, goals, and more.

Our design will need to fall in line directly with your needs and limitations – this includes what sort of space and storage needs you have, your time table, and your budget. The more information we have about your hopes, desires, and needs, the more closely we’ll be able to meet those demands.

  • This preliminary client meeting is perhaps the most important step of our professional relationship. At this time we meet face-to-face to discuss project goals, design requirements, priorities, budget, schedule and fee structure.
  • We work with your vision and develop a comprehensive plan that is time and budget sensitive. Technical and regulatory needs are addressed in the beginning of the design process to avoid surprises leading to expensive delays and setbacks.


Interior Design Fit Out -Initial ConsultationInteriors Fit Out Initial Consultation

Depending on the needs of the client, Compass Interiors Design can provide assistance with the following design needs…

  • Spaced drawings of existing conditions
  • New space planning according to needs of space
  • Electrical planning and layout
  • Lighting sourcing, planning and layout,
  • Floor plans and furniture layout plans
  • Ceiling/molding, casing and trim detail layouts
  • Kitchen design, including custom cabinetry design,
  • Bathroom Design, including tile/stone layout and detail plumbing drawings
  • Closet and storage design and solutions

Design solutions will be presented and communicated precisely to the client by means of drawings, sample materials and where necessary story boards, so that the client can visualize every aspect of the intended design and decor.

helping you choose the paint colors for your entire home

  • choosing exterior paint colors
  • determining furniture layouts for regularly shaped rooms
  • suggesting drapery treatment styles that match your room’s architecture and style
  • providing guidance on additional lighting that you may need
  • making suggestions regarding furniture styles
  • measuring rooms for purposes of producing floor plans
  • helping you resolve another design dilemma of your choosing!