Project Management


When you work with us, rest assured that we’ll take care of the project management aspects of the construction. It’s our job to make sure everything is completed according to the design plans we laid out during the consultation phase.

As commercial general contractors, we pride ourselves on sticking to the guidelines you’ve set for us. Sticking to a specific schedule allows for us to complete construction on time, and within your schedule constraints. We know your time is valuable, so we carefully manage our construction schedule to fit your needs. Likewise, we manage the construction budget carefully, to work within the financial parameters that were agreed upon during the consultation process. You can be sure that we’ll stick to our word, and complete your project on time and on budget.

COMPASS Interiors’ project management service encompasses every step of the often-complicated process involved in design, construction and renovation. We listen to your needs and manage the project from the first meeting right through to the final product.

Keeping our clients’ projects on budget and delivered in a timely fashion is top priority. We take into consideration your budget constraints, required concepts and other unique factors to build a plan that ensures minimal disruption to the smooth flow of your business operations.  We make sure every step of the often-complicated process involved in design, construction and renovation.

  1. The designer will provide bids for products we specified and plan to supply.
  2. They will also coordinate field measurements and site visits with contractors, sub contractors and suppliers, and conduct site meetings with contractors and sub contractors to go over design details, fixture placement and other design details in question.
  3. Finally, we arrange for delivery and installation of tile, fixtures, furniture and other products we supply.